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Terms And Conditions

T's and C's

* The following categories will be included in the 2023 UK Aerial Performance championships and all criteria is detailed in the 'Entry Criteria’ section within our entry forms.

Junior Lyra (6-10 years)

Junior Silks (6-10 years)

Junior Open (6-10 years)

Emerging Youth Lyra (11-16 years)

Emerging Youth Silks (11-16 years)

Emerging Youth Open (11-16 years)

Experienced Youth Lyra (11-16 years)

Experienced Youth Silks (11-16 years)

Experienced Youth Open (11-16 years)

Amateur Lyra (17+ years)

Amateur Silks (17+ years)

Amateur Open (17+ years)

Instructor Lyra

Instructor Silks

Instructor Open

Professional Lyra

Professional Silks

Professional Open

Youth Doubles (6-16 years)

Adult Doubles (At least one competitor must be 17 years or over)

* Entry to the UK Aerial Performance Championships is via regional event participation.

* Please ensure you check the facebook event page of your chosen regional event as some venues have some additional restrictions and rules.

* International and Professional competitors may enter via video submission for consideration for the final only. Video submissions are not eligible for regional event titles. If international or professional competitors place in the top 3 of their category they will need to attend and perform live at the final at Russells International Circus on Saturday 24th August 2024.

* Competitors are responsible for all costs incurred in attending the regional events and to compete in the final if placed in the top 3 of their category. Transport, accommodation costs and all living expenses while attending the events will NOT be reimbursed by UK Aerial Performance Championships, its sponsors or representatives for any reason.

* Competitors’ eligibility for their chosen category will be checked so please ensure you have read and understood the entry criteria for your category. If you are unsure, please email, since if you are found to be ineligible for the selected category, you will be disqualified.

* If your eligibility for a particular category changes prior to the regional event, please notify us ASAP and we may be able to move you into an alternative category.

* If your eligibility changes between participating in the regional event and finalists being announced then please notify us ASAP and we may be able to have your performance re-judged in an alternative category.

* If your eligibility for a particular category changes after finalists have been announced, your competition entry will be forfeited.

* Participants are permitted to use their own equipment. All equipment will be safety checked prior to the start of the competition. If you are providing your own equipment, you must also provide all carabineers, swivels and strops to attach it to the single point. UK Aerial Performance Championship can only provide a 95cm tabless hoop, Firetoys Silks (8m) and a 65cm Trapeze with 2m ropes.

* Participants will not be permitted to use equipment that is not deemed safe or correctly rigged.

* Silks must be mounted on a silks hook or a figure 8.


* A separate entry form is required for each category entered.


* Entry to the competition will open on Monday 8th January 2024 at 9am. Once we receive an entry form, we will confirm if a space is available and provide details on how to pay. Once the entry fee has been received, your place will be guaranteed. If payment is not made within 48 hours, the place will be re-opened.


* Entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.


* Payment details will be sent in your confirmation email.


* Competitors must not be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol during the events.


* Competitors must be fit to perform and must warm up prior to their performance.


* The organisers reserve the right to disqualify any participant they believe to be acting in an unprofessional manner or to have breached these terms and conditions.


* All entries must stick to the time limits outlined in the entry criteria for their category. A 15 second buffer will be given to these times, however if your performance is more than 15 seconds outside the permitted time limits, you will be disqualified.


* Please ensure music is cut to the correct length for your performance.


* Competitors’ music must be sent to at least 1 week prior to your regional event performance, and, if you place in the final, before 1st August 2024. If we do not receive your music by this time, you may be disqualified from competing.


* All spectator tickets are sold directly by the hosting venues and NOT UK Aerial Performance Championship. This is for both the final and regional events.


* Profanities will not be permitted within your music choice. Nor will excessive vulgarity or other offensive material.


* Any props, glitter or any other substance must be pre-approved by both the competition organisers and the venue owners, so please notify us ASAP if you intend to use anything in your act.


* Any participant under the age of 18 must use a mat. A variety of mats will be available at the final but if you require a specific thickness, then you will need to bring your own.


* Marks will not be deducted for the use of a mat by any participant and we strongly advise all participants to use one. However marks may be deducted if we feel the performance is not safely executed; this includes a competitor not using a mat appropriate for the height and tricks they are performing.


* Judges are permitted to stop your performance at any time if they consider it unsafe, inappropriate or offensive in any way.


* By participating in the UK Aerial Performance Championships you are declaring you are aware of the risks involved in aerial activities and are responsible at all times for your own safety.


* If you have any concerns or questions please email us at or call on 07919133355 before the event, as we may be unable to find solutions to any problems that we find out about on the day.


* Judges’ decisions are final and will not be negotiated. However, if you have any questions surrounding your score/feedback then please contact us at


* Finalists will be announced during the week commencing 3rd June 2024.


* The final will take place on Saturday 24th August 2024 at Russells International Circus, Mablethorpe. The UK Aerial Performance Championship 2024 final will be run as two separate competitions.


* The UK Aerial Performance Youth Championships Final will take place at 11am and consist of the top 3 competitors across all regional events and video submissions alongside any returning winners from 2023 in the following categories: Junior Lyra (6-10 years), Junior Silks (6-10 years), Junior Open (6-10 years), Emerging Youth Lyra (11-16 years), Emerging Youth Silks (11-16 years), Emerging Youth Open (11-16 years), Experienced Youth Lyra (11-16 years), Experienced Youth Silks (11-16 years), Experienced Youth Open (11-16 years), Youth Doubles (6-17years years).


* The UK Aerial Performance Adult Championships Final will take place at 4pm and consist of the top 3 competitors across all regional events and video submissions alongside any returning winners from 2023 in the following categories: Amateur Lyra, Amateur Silks, Amateur Open, Instructor Lyra, Instructor Silks, Instructor Open, Professional Lyra, Professional Silks, Professional Open and Adult Doubles (17+ years).


* Winners of the Emerging Youth categories at the final will not be able to return the following year to defend their title as they will no longer meet the criteria for those categories. 


* If the final needs to be cancelled for any reason it will be changed to an online final. We strongly advise that, if you place as a finalist, you prepare a video in case future lockdowns and studio closures are issued.


* The organisers reserve the right to make any changes to the structure of the regional events and the live finals necessary.


* All competitors are responsible for checking our social media event pages for updates.


* Images and videos taken during any event may be used for promotional purposes by UK Aerial Performance Championships and any of their sponsors.

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